Best Friends 3

Okay I understand, 
of course I’m wrong, 
through and through, 
I have been with you, 
from the beginning, 
i did it yes i did it 
I started it and ended it, 
i was immature on all levels, 
and you know what though? 
i have learned, 
to be wiser, 
about my shadow, 
Whatever i did, 
to you and any black, 
african american female, 
i was wrong you are right, 
yall all truly better, 
than us on all levels, 
of loving, education, 
intelligence, soul and more, 
me myself, I’m just learning, 
how to tale time, 
while i grow up Rose, 
at least i will know, 
whoever sees me they will know, 
to step with caution, 
i had to grow up with thorns, 
in order to climb up over obstacles, 
nobody helped me rise, 
i was setup that way, 
nobody pruned took care of me, 
nobody trained me to be beautiful, 
by they standards so i grew up my way, 
and that was out of they control, 
I grew up wild Rose, 
an underappreciated and overlooked type, 
i was original and real from a seed, 
so you go ahead black woman, 
as there are plenty of men, 
waiting on you and more, 
I just came to a conclusion, 
of whatever i do whether i be dayum, 
or not to do what everybody does, 
and even recap back memories, 
to shine truth in they faces, 
i will remain invisible, 
I can speak the truth with evidence, 
and prove the person wrong, 
and the situation for equality, 
out of respect and accountability, 
but i’m not doing it no more, 
I’m letting go of everything, 
dealing with a personal, 
relationship to women, 
I’m even writing a book now, 
to help women of black or african descent, 
to move on to other races of men, 
i do realize to society, 
how they speak upon me regardless, 
of what i did of positive, 
it will never be enough, 
I’m just tired and got a niece, 
many other younger female and male cousins, 
plus young female and male family members, 
that know me well and i’m tired of proving, 
myself in vain left emotionally confused, 
and left mentally lost, 
plus spiritually beat down, 
and soulfully isolated, 
no no more of that i’m taking back, 
my dignity, pride, honor, loyalty, 
common sense, sense of purpose, 
breaking the chains of stereotypes, 
a beast out the madness of betrayal, 
who showed me as such sow below, 
a monster out the nightmare shedding light upon me, 
who i really am is not who they be thinking, 
my people know who i am, 
they can see me clearly, 
even people with a heart can, 
they can see straight through me, 
i can’t help you see me, 
glasses will not help you, 
neither contacts see… 
you need that enlightenment observation, 
a true truth seeking arrow with a magnifying glass, 
to see most of us and if you ain’t reflective, 
plus ain’t got the analytic skills, 
then just stop it right there where you at, 
they know who i am versus society, 
I rather love my family into better situation, 
at all cost to help them grow better in society, 
and give out homes to kids, 
without no catches or hidden agenda, 
I found my purpose, 
i will not plus refuse to argue with you, 
or even entertain the thought, 
of trying to reason with you, 
regardless of the past, 
if there were evidence you were wrong, 
and had parts to play in it overall nope, 
you are right and i’m leaving it that way, 
cause you deserve better no no the best, 
I’m not it and never was so please forgive me or not, 
I forgave myself a longtime ago and yourself too, 
for being a participant, 
in my foolishness from the start, 
may you work love in peace and get that marriage, 
you was hoping for cause after all you deserve it, 
I’m staying closer to my elders, 
i found my purpose so i’m sticking to it, 
may peace carry the truth, 
Love and Peace.