Best Friends

What would you do?
If you knew and felt,
what you could not,
imagine between two,
beings dissonance,
beings resonance,
the harmony,
the melody,
the tune-up,
it’s the music,
and society,
be tripping foul,
hit them up and out,
way far past overheads,
from the first swing,
if not then the next,
back again best finale,
the power of exactness,
lit fire flies roaming about,
called the upper echelon heaven,
ringing in my ears heard the truth,
that if i can’t live life with best friend,
then i’m going all out no turn back,
i’m getting tired of the blaming,
i’m getting tired of the generalization,
we use to be kids watching this stuff,
grown to become it by way,
of the same people sworn,
they would not repeat the same stuff,
and they adults older who supposed,
to be wiser less backstabbing the overseers,
the ones who should be giving back,
without an agenda in mind,
minus guiltiness yet accountable,
for every action regardless,
cause everybody has a duty,
this is not the selfish portrayal,
look yourself in the mirror,
speak out to the image with no smile,
with that seriousness “be real” uncensored,
the hero the souljah the troop,
the relentless invisible father,
buying homes remodeling them,
for that lucky kid every year,
it’s only a matter of time,
to take a path of loyalty,
or merge the two of both worlds,
with my best friend…
but if you go your way interdependent,
then i cannot stop you nor be insane about it,
it will be no more love in my heart,
for no woman on that personal level,
cause a higher calling is available,
they said i qualified since i got kids of my own,
plus no wife to come home too,
or an empress who play chess with on the same side,
they said i barely made it scored high on the testing,
the offering is on the table to be true to you,
and all the plans to come with us,
or i’m going on happy as the same,
full throttle putting my focus on the community,
without a political run for any country’s position,
i just want to and need to be me,
not for the impression of it,
and nor fame of it cause when i get busy,
i’m telling lips to hush it up,
and never tell a soul about what just happen,
just let me be and do what i want and need to,
if you knew and felt,
what you could not or could,
imagine between two,
best friend honestly out your heart,
tell me what would you do?