Monopoly’s Chess 2: Give It Up

For myself into the hands of have-nots, 
it’s like the plan has been in full motion, 
reality waves in front of me deja vu flight, 
from the cumulus clouds jumbled bubbled cheeky, 
i saw that light come through today eye curious, 
smog clogging up the scenery smoking exhausts, 
both ways from the metal barrels and lips, 
depending on how the situations present itself, 
and which entity fueling the passionate view, 
from the eyes of the beholder westside to eastside, 
bass thumping quakes thuzzing mirrors shaking, 
words from the mouths across eyes lounging and set up, 
inside they vehicles rolling four on tires to the two, 
gasoline enriched or the pedaling types more calves, 
gets bigger along with thighs bent so the hamstrings, 
support as to the abdominal muscles holding handle bars, 
triceps whose biceps wrists turns prepared stiffening, 
chest muscles clinching back wings spreading apart, 
sow asses tighten soar then again sitting between pervertly, 
twisted quizzes answering messages ridiculing confessions, 
be the riddles upon signs seen then interpreted from propaganda, 
ah the temporary memory prom’s rare’s rarity’s ecstasy’s fantasy, 
so give it up when we jamming monotone eyes closed upon mics, 
caressing domes afros heads globes spheres worlds planets all alone, 
perpetrating traits petting per rating tats tat tat…tat tat… 
are the sounds echoing snare acoustic storytelling three sixty degrees, 
twenty four seven plus another five from the original rose society, 
perfection situation be that lotus grand opening wholly pen leaking, 
dripping inks blotching wetness performing cleavage as the pages flip, 
bleeding hearts take form who shaped my destiny inside mind, 
i can’t even explain how the auditorium gets live five down holding, 
gripping tails wired long style soldered plug closed caption, 
electrified intensity socket busy flowing currents exposing, 
the realness tales odes odysseys seas see seen scene sing sling, 
ling lean lane slow off the gas pedal maintaining sustain same gain, 
every six minutes twisting stroke soaked provoke wishes sixes, 
sexes sizzling assists specifics sessions seizes seasons ceases sixes, 
artforms out the earth from below the lower half ruling upper half, 
moving nowhere before the house is paid off in the united states of america, 
that is the north america not apart of the latin america, 
which be up next for that home to be built or acquired, 
i need another passport and that bank account in they language, 
study the world for all that it is making no friends, 
who is bound to turn enemies either one way or the other, 
like me is you verses gender opposites sow swing me in one direction, 
dimensional inserted resurrection meanings are sound repeated, 
experimenting honest criticism from within without frustration, 
cause it’s getting difficult with all these thorns subjected, 
on top of the lids called edges of the gas tank in the dark, 
i lit my aim without fame looking into the flame while gases, 
massaged its admiration tickling the explosion, 
my last words pictured out the framed pane, 
in the name of propane money and land is my survival!!! 
Until i give it up from myself into the hands of have-nots, 
this is monopoly’s chess out my heart through your chest, 
it is mine claimed paid taxes in advanced fore my kids so give it up…ugh.