The Writer 4 Your Cause

See i write in the favor,

of justice out the labels,

placed on me still,

i endure the madness,

i endure the flickering images,

i endure the twisted functions,

i’m a rebel for your cause,

cause you need that someone,

i got the evidence written,

i research your information,

that you so heavily rely on,

and give it back to you,

like you want it to be,

no need to change,


keep pushing your will,

will your wishes to be,

whether it is personal,

whether it is business,

it is all the same religiously,

if you heard the sounds,

of your own song playing,

out the stories of the flute,

keep lute in hand,

pluck your fantasies to sleep,

manage your dreams,

jumping fences as sheep,

to the one on the two,

four legs over and out,

clearing hurdles wooden,

never broken i thought you knew,

about the writer 4 your cause.