Active Duty: Me, Shadow and Grim Reaper

The Branch, 
of Pourahtree neutral, 
we knew, 
the Four Trunks, 
in season, 
the element coming, 
must be, 
done to fullest, 
the mission, 
write them all, 
happy wishes, 
to the depths, 
the last, 
touches of palms, 
on covers, 
get the rosehips, 
prepare night, 
with another plot, 
digging yours, 
rightfully without sweats, 
faithfully true, 
and eyes knew, 
no escapes, 
me two three, 
reserving tales, 
pages by pages, 
the truth, 
i buried you, 
deep inside, 
my heart posthumously, 
cemetery style, 
still active duty. 

The eulogies, 
we hand them, 
out serving, 
back in mine, 
shovel upright, 
stuck fearless remember, 
memory deadly, 
burying myself deeply, 
shadow watching, 
grim reaper teaching, 
doors open, 
suicidal style hearse, 
black chrome, 
gold hundred spokes, 
limited edition, 
sixties fresh smell, 
aromatic casket, 
we stepped out, 
one hundred, 
and forty four, 
marble tombstones, 
glistening poetical etchings, 
a tsk, 
a tasker laid, 
orders never, 
opened sealed away, 
under land, 
flashing back memory, 
burying without, 
remorse for my, 
secrets, paybacks, 
they want it, 
all cemetery, 
you see them, 
robbing me, 
shadow, grim reaper? 
Three deep, 
still rolling nonchalant, 
after doors, 
closed back letting, 
them dig, 
themselves deeper diggers, 
hitting block, 
fore blocks dipping, 
suspension smooth, 
gliding like we, 
should emotionless, 
coasting bumping plots, 
bowler on, 
tightly shades on, 
funeral director, 
fore cause written, 
i effect, 
active duty, 
me shadow grim, 
reaper writing, 
the eulogies empowered.