Pourahtree (Part 1)

My Diaries are the roots….so they will grow out depending on what nutrients and care is provided to me in the physical as this is my life on the line fore life past, present and future. This is why i call it Pourahtree being all literary arts is mixed while some left out as i publish my writings. Everybody has secrets though nothing is secret really…it is all about the unknown from within and how you share it to others that makes it mystical. See if you do not know thyself then somebody giving you a piece of them will still remain a mystery. I cannot break that down any further plus i am not out to put spells on people for the money of it. I consider myself to be quite honest for the art of it. Why hide behind a motive when you’re going to die anyway right? I mean the famous stuff is getting out of hand as so the infamy.

Four Trunks as one Tree of Life which are the Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces with their perspective elements. Change of Four are the seasons in and of which the Four Trunks expresses itself as growth corresponding to the particular element. There are also mathematics to go along with every change of season as the Change of Four. The Branches are the literary arts themselves; the Branches are governed by the Change of Four‘s season plus whichever way of the Four Trunks they grew from and out. The style or genres of literary arts are within the roots which are my Diaries; sow from a seed everything is already there waiting to sprout basically. The Fruits are the understanding…and the understanding can be anything as it taste but they are not the books you see. The books are the format unto you like a medium from cover to cover insides and all. Everything i do is for a reason so it is essentially up to you to take it deeply, shallow or/and balanced, while some never open me up and others just glance. This is an indefinite connection…see it depends on the connection and if we One with it, two on opposites sides or switched places while the feeling is real yet reel…yes it’s that connection connected then disconnected…it is like almost i am putting all of me into works cause i’m a magician with some powers i never knew existed so if you got those extra senses and stuff then you will see me clearly and even feel me without a doubt. I got tons of energy to work with….All is art.