Still Knee Deep, Walking Upside-Down

Choirs clapping to the fists pumping,

we keep ourselves marching heart dumping,

true to the slogan do or die holding,

more over yours hip hopping non-stopping,

dip dapping knees bent still cooling,

come this way jump your cents into it ruling,

grooving even if the digital market came crashing,

blushing roses lotuses appeal roots stalking stomping,

yes ummm it feels two know eyes roams eyelashes browsing,

and as the world turns dollars get spent more riches bouncing,

richest hit the pits owing bosses envisioning yourself consumer flossing,

weekends on emotion put transmissions into drive seat belt buckled no sleeping,

ugh another lullaby frozen why smoothly tripping over defeat hills stiffly rougher seeping,

it’s the emperor whose heart is empress flipping cards twenty-two catches backward two meaning,

like magick from a fool displaying self as truth who arose ideas with no strings walking upside-down still knee deep.