You Bought Homes Souljah?? Tale Me Your Story

From the one,
to the two,
to the three,
i sung a lullaby,
ears wasn’t ringing,
intensely focused,
extremely determined,
sow the high grew bigger,
the sighs became deeper,
and i was clever about the life,
i was living rearranging definitions,
defined superior clique my game in,
got my controller plugged into the mind,
the possibilities are limitless,
scramble plays and skits,
playing hits looping classical tunes,
tuned-in into yours i felt your pain,
i got to come up in the name of propane,
on silently bombs rush miles overcrowding,
i seen the business as terrain,
the terrain got bricks and concrete,
my name is mysterious approaching pulled up,
i take the smiling to the heart,
looking around the current scenery,
putting the have-nots who be the kids,
always before me straight selfless,
honored to be your diplomat on your half,
this neighborhood suits you to fit and grow up in,
i pay your taxes for you to make sure,
none get taken remodeling to the excellency,
plant a garden, fruit trees, healing lives rooted,
study them to the maximum all in mind,
planning everything out room fore room,
year fore year in advance watching the stock market,
keeping abreast on the policies foreign from here to you,
know the gangs of all colors from streets to corporate too,
it’s a hue-man world so my mentality had to raise on up,
the mindset of mystical playing spiritual chess,
against my own evil if the demons appear on the outer,
let it be known it was the psychology of all doubters,
you bought homes Souljah??

From the one,
to the two,
to the three,
i sung a lullaby,
ears wasn’t ringing,
intensely focused,
extremely determined,
sow the high grew bigger,
the sighs became deeper,
every year i was working my hand,
out the dreams of those sleepers,
a walking fantasy never understood,
never seen to be imaginable,
walk past you on my mission unstoppable,
i took the pleasure out myself,
replaced it with an unknown loyalty,
to the brain my way of thinking,
never been the same cause of the situation,
at hand unsolved cases of promises,
the deficit of tremendous murderous drama,
the traumatic confusion of erotica,
people sicker than ever outwitting the left to be right,
both in the same hands palmed to they face feeling karma,
it’s automatic sown expressive unable to pierce through,
clear the windshield as sunshine gleams deja vus few,
the more i let go that wasn’t necessary,
the more power i was granted revealing justice to be happy,
i’m serving to the maximum,
let every kid i sponsor be the truth,
by my book it was written,
as that magician with an idea,
turn that idea into reality,
into reality they became sentenced,
no longer disadvantaged enabled uplifted,
i made sure i wasn’t famous,
i made sure i had no love,
for the fear of love turning on me like a heated chrome,
i knew the thin lines couldn’t be crossed,
i setup business as usual making sure they were greatness,
renters paid my kids pavement out on smoothly,
we were winning without no fear in my heart,
my heart was the empress keeping locomotion balanced,
strategically i waited patiently on that land with huge acres,
see i was thinking about they health and safety,
with twenty two cards in my hand,
and the Change of Four,
i blended in quite carefully,
a gentleman with a fresh clean pressed suit on,
never speaking to no-one in particular,
redirecting emotional inquiries from women of all sorts,
back to themselves in the form of staggering responses,
keeping all business full frontal exercising no eye contact,
to any of them unless it were to be about a home for my kids,
the world turned the flesh cold keeping my soul warmer,
the spirit was more livelier becoming realest an invisible,
laughing to myself making scores of instrumentals,
riding to my life faded as that stereotyped individual,
i was dead indeed to all of humanity always watching my back,
for that opportunity of sneaking peekers creating traps,
rerouting maps you saw me there he go now i sea them,
you a true to your mentality hitting me harder in flesh,
but how your fists feel to be breaking nothingness,
just as the same out the fog i came to defeat inequality,
smarter with more education becoming intelligently richer,
for my kids giving it all back over what you thought you saw…
now tale me your story.