How Do I Survive?

Remain indifferent and different at times,
for every situation,
there is a void and place,
an error as correction,
the imperfect who yearns perfection,
i write my every emotion apart from others,
keep my daily journals of the world,
the stuff i have seen,
and i will seen too,
i can imagine eyes sleep now,
they warm inside beds tucked,
with the fans on,
some watching television,
many others playing video games,
the circuitry runs rapid inside brains,
nervous system of bodies are interesting,
the images and shades,
the desires and belongings,
from place to place,
and country to country,
continent to continent,
glad i found my purpose,
to not be caught up in all of it,
i can say this of a deep down truth,
if you want to live to die,
and prove to yourself you can make,
one has to identify as a connection to the outer,
from within oneself and for me that be kids,
cause i actually look up to them,
in a way of youthful activity,
the curious mindset of a genius,
that portal of known open spiritualism,
more so without knowing they feelings,
so they closer to the real you,
they look up to me too,
cause i can relate to them,
searching for that hero,
the hero inside me,
we got that role connection,
i am the hero like a cartoon,
but in real life doing amazing stuff,
and when you no longer a hero,
to the woman then life drastically change,
so i switch to focus solely on children,
the children around my parts,
a teacher to teach intelligent tricks,
a common protocol between mindsets,
yes we got that commonality,
as they see the kid in me too,
though a bigger version with powers,
a type of masquerading protector,
as they grow up smarter i grow up smartest,
they force me to see another level beyond,
a type of phenomenon explainable,
if you could feel the way a new born,
sits inside of your arms,
it’s that do-right time,
then they grow up fast,
next year they get faster,
it’s real funny to see,
children who you taught,
and spoke to remember,
the greatest parts of your speech,
reflipped it back to you so unique,
see with children i’m the student,
duality teacher the constant exchange,
of information from different angles,
how do i survive is by staying closer,
than close to life while me becoming death,
that me is the past like cobra’s skin shed,
anew vibrant version is free to roam,
i owe it to the kids to do what is right,
the justice type mentality,
cause you go from a playhouse,
to a real house in reality,
this is all i know,
forever i will be about,
so you will see me as that kid,
watching everything in sight,
computing the All together,
in the form of a work demon,
an angel listening to his own revelation,
my college is life and death,
i will graduate when my eyes closes,
no air of wind ceased breath,
so how do you survive?