Languages: Some Degrade and Some Don’t

Many mindsets,
realize it is not their faults
of why the media,
and themselves,
are subject to this and that.

Many mindsets,
do not realize a language,
they are trained,
to decipher their intelligence,
is killing them softly,
plus harshly,
pinpointing back,
to a word out mouths,
of who you formulate,
an expression of,
that did not exist,
yet it exist and the expression,
cause of the language,
yet some say refrain,
from certain wordage,
but you have already been exposed,
to the language as so,
like a cancerous virus,
needing that shot of vaccine,
and so get the religion,
to remove such,
as religion contains doctrines,
which are also houses,
power of words as symbols,
which are the images,
decipher by the brain,
of which the emotion,
is the pure form of revelation,
before any thought process,
can be shape into realization,
some degrade,
some don’t,
i’m traveling onto,
some endangered languages,
and it is for a reason,
other than the people,
who are passing away,
with the certain tongue,
cause as you see,
the number one language,
is about to be or is English…
a slavery language from,
the many part of others,
yet borrowed heavily,
from Europeans,
no matter the politics,
no matter the scholar,
just take a trip,
and ask the Europeans,
where they reside,
then compare this to that,
so no-one cannot truly,
blame anyone for degradation,
but themselves after knowing,
what language they are dealing,
with and about just as the same,
they should know the currencies,
and countries like all children,
are forced to while in grade school,
this is elementary thinking,
yet even a smart person,
may not have common sense,
and a person with common sense,
knows how to survive,
but necessarily not all that wise,
and that wise person,
maybe knowledgeable,
though not all that intelligent,
i like to be educated my way,
so next time i will remember,
whoever invented the tongue,
called English essentially,
deciphered whatever they,
wanted to input into the masses,
mindset forever and forever,
your amen with of course,
a prayer unto your savior,
words are merely calligraphy,
written from star to star,
think about it then breathe,
one two three four five six,
i have a language without,
sound never caught up,
in the tongues of mix,
some degrade,
and some don’t,
choose your tongue,
to fit your mindset,
who overall defines,
your culture unless,
you are like me,
just posing as one like alien,
called a predator but really,
a visitor among humanity,
learning more and more,
while being humble to my purpose,
life’s depictions are very intriguing,
just as the mothers are willing,
to teach her children its,
point of view and even,
let them be taught by a culture,
who ultimately do not respect,
her nor her upcoming generations,
and she finds a way to establish,
herself as an opposite always,
attracted to the opposite,
unable to clench away from,
the stigma unless she goes,
where even her mindset,
has never gone before,
and for some that is,
called freedom.