Listening Angel Transpose Work Demon

What is my most satisfying enjoyment?

I am never,
off duty never,
there is no such,
not where i come from,
i know the otherside,
kept everyday organized,
breathing plenty of room,
bought a simple house,
got a reliable vehicle too,
acquire skills to be efficient too,
reading more books,
during unoccupied times,
catching lines quickly,
experiment putting together,
pictures and situations into motion,
i listen abstractly,
i think infinity,
i analyze critically,
i feel genuinely.

Since i have no vices,
got no religion,
got no spouse,
eat organically,
though keep enough fat on me,
i cannot let muscle eat muscle,
my menus for success,
first of off definitely,
keep my body to myself,
only hug family members,
i love aromas,
yet not tempted by yours,
stick to appropriate wear,
like my business outfits,
and keeping my suits pressed,
trend in the tribal wear,
from Asia, Latin America and Africa,
those clothes with meaning,
i have a contact with a seamstress,
who will tailor me when the orders arrive,
later on i will get shoes made,
a designer idea from within myself,
market myself from out myself,
advertise myself naturally clean,
athletic lean militant youth vibrant sharp,
salute me is what i am pursuing fore now,
no really this is my career is in motion now,
keep my degrees and certifications stacking,
the all around all purpose work demon in transit,
keeping everything simple as if i just came out the tribe,
i don’t know this world is my mentality,
the dummy i plays it well without bluffing,
life is a movie find your part write a script tactic,
bump my own instrumentals and voice,
as a reminder and might even let a female join,
for the business of it but then again she is independent,
so scratch that option pursuing me by myself on all levels,
mastering who i could not master before,
maybe doing pull-ups by the twenties,
walking fifteen miles and more as usual per week,
or maybe running four miles three days out the week,
perform my own martial arts wushu and stickman styles,
i boxes the sand out of heavy bags,
skipping rope to keep up with times and gravity,
training for a hundred year marathon,
let my body drink foods plus water flushing sea salt out as benefit,
this is waste discarded taught by plumbers and six sigma aspirants,
keeping finances in check as the county auction is coming up,
forget credit cause i don’t need it,
staying aware of all tax brackets,
luxuries i cannot even feel it,
that is for the glamorous and envied,
i recognized self to be just as is proud and happy,
males still on a mission for the same pursuit,
me only being socialite among business people,
the fly on the wall of what is going on,
from the council meetings to human resource policies,
the legislation here to your town across the globe,
just remembering to feed myself from my own land,
cause ain’t nobody going feed any and all woman for free,
there is a cost plus much less a worldly man and this is real.

And since i have no vices,
i automatically see riches piling up,
minus all the television acting up,
on the real i am motivated,
put my life into a movie simply,
because i can as you hear songs sing,
plus people be asking me questions,
the answers be on another level,
of course every penny after paying bills,
goes to the kids’ account filled on tilt,
yes indefinitely i got a master plan…
a score in mind all the time riding sine,
i take care of my own psychology,
when i paint portraits building me as museum,
it’s the one two three four five six seven eight,
i promise to my soul’s depth to never again make drastic mistakes,
beating my heart across the tracks,
i don’t sound weak thumping unique,
the technique is marvelous valves open and shut,
my stories are flutes,
the epitomes are double bass plucking ugh,
i’m toughen shamanic transferring myself into arts,
i live and breath out exhale for inhale the ultimate exchange,
walking determined with no turn back,
and since i have no vices,
i am never off duty,
off duty know never,
there is no such reasoning
not where i come from,
i know the otherside,
i been there before….

What is my most satisfying enjoyment?