I Did It! The Corps is on….

I get to employ nigahs off the streets from ex convicts to the ones who be younger with no idea of what is going on out here…

regardless how society treats me..

i just do not give a fuck…

im in this lifetime as a real nigah…

i got no friends

all i got are enemies

i got us started bigger brother 2Pac

and my road dawg i aint running no more

kill me if they need to

fuck it

kill me if you want to….

times done changed

as many done betrayed me

and do not see nothing else for me

my Ancestors know me

this Young Ancestor get the job done

one way ticket back home to my brain is how i am going out

and the only nigah you might see me rolling with everyday and night is my bigger brother 2Pac…

lets roll mighty road dawg!(echoing)

tell em

they fucking with the wrong nigga mighty Ancestor….