No Love Gained, Sow None Loss.

I wear 16 cowrie shells on the end of my cornrows for the simple fact me need spiritual fertility in my ever growing life + i believe in myself sow i know self.

I do not particiate in the black aristocrat, white supremacy, ghetto and just any lifestyle out there. I stay focused on my Ancestors’ vision and completing where they left off at. I have gave up television a long time ago about ten years now. I try to stay basic as possible, which is defined as boring to everybody. I like gardening, which helps me to succeed into farming. I network with alot of folks. I hypnotise self through forward repetition daily and nightly. You know the world is who they will be. You know i am on nobody’s side when I work and very few caught on to it. I like solving problems mathematically with my own scientific ways. Why discuss a problem with a human being who continues to rival the inevitable, which will succeed regardless? Solutions….

You know my last Grandma still living told me I sounded happier when I was in other lands outside of America…she called it and said if I did not get out of here I was sure to get into trouble….she said this time leave and never come back…well i am going to leave Grandma and I am never coming back this time.

Getting this business up has been a struggle and i really do not give a dayum any more just as long as the corporation monies continue to build and everybody else get paid exactly what they put in. I done calculated the multimillions into billions from one company of my corporation in about 5 years. Surely i am up before the sunrise indeed… add another company and game is over with… monopoly’s chess is mine. I will have employed over thousands including owning a cruise ship and airline. I am supremely focused and cannot be stopped…its like my Ancestors put a superior positive curse on me or i worked a spell riteously upon myself to a point of no return… i am lone gone blown and invisible to the naked eye….

Out here no love sewn sow inside I none loss….