No Love Gained, Sow None Loss.

I wear 16 cowrie shells on the end of my cornrows for the simple fact me need spiritual fertility in my ever growing life + i believe in myself sow i know self.

I do not particiate in the black aristocrat, white supremacy, ghetto and just any lifestyle out there. I stay focused on my Ancestors’ vision and completing where they left off at. I have gave up television a long time ago about ten years now. I try to stay basic as possible, which is defined as boring to everybody. I like gardening, which helps me to succeed into farming. I network with alot of folks. I hypnotise self through forward repetition daily and nightly. You know the world is who they will be. You know i am on nobody’s side when I work and very few caught on to it. I like solving problems mathematically with my own scientific ways. Why discuss a problem with a human being who continues to rival the inevitable, which will succeed regardless? Solutions….

You know my last Grandma still living told me I sounded happier when I was in other lands outside of America…she called it and said if I did not get out of here I was sure to get into trouble….she said this time leave and never come back…well i am going to leave Grandma and I am never coming back this time.

Getting this business up has been a struggle and i really do not give a dayum any more just as long as the corporation monies continue to build and everybody else get paid exactly what they put in. I done calculated the multimillions into billions from one company of my corporation in about 5 years. Surely i am up before the sunrise indeed… add another company and game is over with… monopoly’s chess is mine. I will have employed over thousands including owning a cruise ship and airline. I am supremely focused and cannot be stopped…its like my Ancestors put a superior positive curse on me or i worked a spell riteously upon myself to a point of no return… i am lone gone blown and invisible to the naked eye….

Out here no love sewn sow inside I none loss….



I Did It! The Corps is on….

I get to employ nigahs off the streets from ex convicts to the ones who be younger with no idea of what is going on out here…

regardless how society treats me..

i just do not give a fuck…

im in this lifetime as a real nigah…

i got no friends

all i got are enemies

i got us started bigger brother 2Pac

and my road dawg i aint running no more

kill me if they need to

fuck it

kill me if you want to….

times done changed

as many done betrayed me

and do not see nothing else for me

my Ancestors know me

this Young Ancestor get the job done

one way ticket back home to my brain is how i am going out

and the only nigah you might see me rolling with everyday and night is my bigger brother 2Pac…

lets roll mighty road dawg!(echoing)

tell em

they fucking with the wrong nigga mighty Ancestor….


Just paid my registered agent

and my business insurance

and my business account

im deadly serious ready 4 whatever 2 be exact

no time to play around

keeping kreeping buck back i am at it

shareholder certificates printed wit dey name on it

times done changed

i keep growing up higher cause it aint a thang

i only need the respect from my Ancestors

betcha any denomination of your currency i will earn theirs

plus i got ghetto kids on my mind

young musicians from a beta wave brain rhythmic axiom on point

omicron astrophysicists of higher ideals striving to remain on target driving through any and all obstacles…

plus mu mathematicians the GAGUT way

plus mu information technologists

specialized in our stock market exchange

thats means road modeling em from the time


A Real Transformer

Eye already know

my body gone drop again

permanently this time

this is straight warring suicide

beat made by irreversable homicide






i am a Young Ancestor

Queen Yaa Asantewaa got my back fade….

ah yeah!(echoing)

Queen Nzinga to my front

Queen Ranavalona I to my left

Queen Nyabingi to my right

Garvey to my brain

X over my eyes

Nehanda Nyakasikana to my heart

2Pac is my road dawg

Maya Angelou as my writing hand

Hannibal Barca is the movement

that’s my ten toes down….


I am not your color

i do not hang with black people no more

i do not hang with african people no more

i never hung with asians, latinos, europeans and whites before…

i only hang with my family tree

and i hang with my Ancestors…

they the Otherside

and i do not mind chilling with them all day and night long either.

Love Hardest: Just Me and You….Book Series

One thought about a title everybody is definitely on is “Love Hardest: Just Me and You”…how about that title? It is a form of cultural privacy emphasis. This will be based on interviews via emails, voice memos or recordings, live interactions and surveying, as a form of criticism not so much as story line but raw and uncut deep questioning as an Empire’s perspective with all questioning not so much on the sexuality of a relationship nor personal love but geared toward how a scope creep of our living now in the present can help flourish the generations to come. Nothing personal, well not too personal though monopoly and chess is strictly business. This book series will be airing nothing be Afro-descent females worldwide thoughts of solutions to answers, real solutions, and real problems plus how the redirect of of focus can play out to be best for an Empire and not Self so much, if at all be Selfless altogether. Efforts and half of the monies will be donated to a private non-profit account i hold here in columbia, SC only for the kids. This project is currently in motion and will forever be in motion. No faces shown or names mentioned just pinpoint locations but not streets. Only cities and town with it’s perspective territory or state. I will be putting up a youtube video with slides of real time focus of where the monies will go once books, audio and video are bought. I will be producing a score for every series and hopes to get poetry out of every female worthy love on paper and voice to not the males but her Empire. I’m on that Soul level and really can’t help it so let me do what i gotta do. This will not take off overnight but in due time it will take off to be flown forever. As long as you have a dream with a solid foundation of application then you pull the cloud down in hands to shape it’s destiny. I’m a magician and that’s all i know and that’s what i said…that’s what i said. Peace to the web-heads and on-ground feet.