Languages: Some Degrade and Some Don’t

Many mindsets,
realize it is not their faults
of why the media,
and themselves,
are subject to this and that.

Many mindsets,
do not realize a language,
they are trained,
to decipher their intelligence,
is killing them softly,
plus harshly,
pinpointing back,
to a word out mouths,
of who you formulate,
an expression of,
that did not exist,
yet it exist and the expression,
cause of the language,
yet some say refrain,
from certain wordage,
but you have already been exposed,
to the language as so,
like a cancerous virus,
needing that shot of vaccine,
and so get the religion,
to remove such,
as religion contains doctrines,
which are also houses,
power of words as symbols,
which are the images,
decipher by the brain,
of which the emotion,
is the pure form of revelation,
before any thought process,
can be shape into realization,
some degrade,
some don’t,
i’m traveling onto,
some endangered languages,
and it is for a reason,
other than the people,
who are passing away,
with the certain tongue,
cause as you see,
the number one language,
is about to be or is English…
a slavery language from,
the many part of others,
yet borrowed heavily,
from Europeans,
no matter the politics,
no matter the scholar,
just take a trip,
and ask the Europeans,
where they reside,
then compare this to that,
so no-one cannot truly,
blame anyone for degradation,
but themselves after knowing,
what language they are dealing,
with and about just as the same,
they should know the currencies,
and countries like all children,
are forced to while in grade school,
this is elementary thinking,
yet even a smart person,
may not have common sense,
and a person with common sense,
knows how to survive,
but necessarily not all that wise,
and that wise person,
maybe knowledgeable,
though not all that intelligent,
i like to be educated my way,
so next time i will remember,
whoever invented the tongue,
called English essentially,
deciphered whatever they,
wanted to input into the masses,
mindset forever and forever,
your amen with of course,
a prayer unto your savior,
words are merely calligraphy,
written from star to star,
think about it then breathe,
one two three four five six,
i have a language without,
sound never caught up,
in the tongues of mix,
some degrade,
and some don’t,
choose your tongue,
to fit your mindset,
who overall defines,
your culture unless,
you are like me,
just posing as one like alien,
called a predator but really,
a visitor among humanity,
learning more and more,
while being humble to my purpose,
life’s depictions are very intriguing,
just as the mothers are willing,
to teach her children its,
point of view and even,
let them be taught by a culture,
who ultimately do not respect,
her nor her upcoming generations,
and she finds a way to establish,
herself as an opposite always,
attracted to the opposite,
unable to clench away from,
the stigma unless she goes,
where even her mindset,
has never gone before,
and for some that is,
called freedom.


How Do I Survive?

Remain indifferent and different at times,
for every situation,
there is a void and place,
an error as correction,
the imperfect who yearns perfection,
i write my every emotion apart from others,
keep my daily journals of the world,
the stuff i have seen,
and i will seen too,
i can imagine eyes sleep now,
they warm inside beds tucked,
with the fans on,
some watching television,
many others playing video games,
the circuitry runs rapid inside brains,
nervous system of bodies are interesting,
the images and shades,
the desires and belongings,
from place to place,
and country to country,
continent to continent,
glad i found my purpose,
to not be caught up in all of it,
i can say this of a deep down truth,
if you want to live to die,
and prove to yourself you can make,
one has to identify as a connection to the outer,
from within oneself and for me that be kids,
cause i actually look up to them,
in a way of youthful activity,
the curious mindset of a genius,
that portal of known open spiritualism,
more so without knowing they feelings,
so they closer to the real you,
they look up to me too,
cause i can relate to them,
searching for that hero,
the hero inside me,
we got that role connection,
i am the hero like a cartoon,
but in real life doing amazing stuff,
and when you no longer a hero,
to the woman then life drastically change,
so i switch to focus solely on children,
the children around my parts,
a teacher to teach intelligent tricks,
a common protocol between mindsets,
yes we got that commonality,
as they see the kid in me too,
though a bigger version with powers,
a type of masquerading protector,
as they grow up smarter i grow up smartest,
they force me to see another level beyond,
a type of phenomenon explainable,
if you could feel the way a new born,
sits inside of your arms,
it’s that do-right time,
then they grow up fast,
next year they get faster,
it’s real funny to see,
children who you taught,
and spoke to remember,
the greatest parts of your speech,
reflipped it back to you so unique,
see with children i’m the student,
duality teacher the constant exchange,
of information from different angles,
how do i survive is by staying closer,
than close to life while me becoming death,
that me is the past like cobra’s skin shed,
anew vibrant version is free to roam,
i owe it to the kids to do what is right,
the justice type mentality,
cause you go from a playhouse,
to a real house in reality,
this is all i know,
forever i will be about,
so you will see me as that kid,
watching everything in sight,
computing the All together,
in the form of a work demon,
an angel listening to his own revelation,
my college is life and death,
i will graduate when my eyes closes,
no air of wind ceased breath,
so how do you survive?

Listening Angel Transpose Work Demon

What is my most satisfying enjoyment?

I am never,
off duty never,
there is no such,
not where i come from,
i know the otherside,
kept everyday organized,
breathing plenty of room,
bought a simple house,
got a reliable vehicle too,
acquire skills to be efficient too,
reading more books,
during unoccupied times,
catching lines quickly,
experiment putting together,
pictures and situations into motion,
i listen abstractly,
i think infinity,
i analyze critically,
i feel genuinely.

Since i have no vices,
got no religion,
got no spouse,
eat organically,
though keep enough fat on me,
i cannot let muscle eat muscle,
my menus for success,
first of off definitely,
keep my body to myself,
only hug family members,
i love aromas,
yet not tempted by yours,
stick to appropriate wear,
like my business outfits,
and keeping my suits pressed,
trend in the tribal wear,
from Asia, Latin America and Africa,
those clothes with meaning,
i have a contact with a seamstress,
who will tailor me when the orders arrive,
later on i will get shoes made,
a designer idea from within myself,
market myself from out myself,
advertise myself naturally clean,
athletic lean militant youth vibrant sharp,
salute me is what i am pursuing fore now,
no really this is my career is in motion now,
keep my degrees and certifications stacking,
the all around all purpose work demon in transit,
keeping everything simple as if i just came out the tribe,
i don’t know this world is my mentality,
the dummy i plays it well without bluffing,
life is a movie find your part write a script tactic,
bump my own instrumentals and voice,
as a reminder and might even let a female join,
for the business of it but then again she is independent,
so scratch that option pursuing me by myself on all levels,
mastering who i could not master before,
maybe doing pull-ups by the twenties,
walking fifteen miles and more as usual per week,
or maybe running four miles three days out the week,
perform my own martial arts wushu and stickman styles,
i boxes the sand out of heavy bags,
skipping rope to keep up with times and gravity,
training for a hundred year marathon,
let my body drink foods plus water flushing sea salt out as benefit,
this is waste discarded taught by plumbers and six sigma aspirants,
keeping finances in check as the county auction is coming up,
forget credit cause i don’t need it,
staying aware of all tax brackets,
luxuries i cannot even feel it,
that is for the glamorous and envied,
i recognized self to be just as is proud and happy,
males still on a mission for the same pursuit,
me only being socialite among business people,
the fly on the wall of what is going on,
from the council meetings to human resource policies,
the legislation here to your town across the globe,
just remembering to feed myself from my own land,
cause ain’t nobody going feed any and all woman for free,
there is a cost plus much less a worldly man and this is real.

And since i have no vices,
i automatically see riches piling up,
minus all the television acting up,
on the real i am motivated,
put my life into a movie simply,
because i can as you hear songs sing,
plus people be asking me questions,
the answers be on another level,
of course every penny after paying bills,
goes to the kids’ account filled on tilt,
yes indefinitely i got a master plan…
a score in mind all the time riding sine,
i take care of my own psychology,
when i paint portraits building me as museum,
it’s the one two three four five six seven eight,
i promise to my soul’s depth to never again make drastic mistakes,
beating my heart across the tracks,
i don’t sound weak thumping unique,
the technique is marvelous valves open and shut,
my stories are flutes,
the epitomes are double bass plucking ugh,
i’m toughen shamanic transferring myself into arts,
i live and breath out exhale for inhale the ultimate exchange,
walking determined with no turn back,
and since i have no vices,
i am never off duty,
off duty know never,
there is no such reasoning
not where i come from,
i know the otherside,
i been there before….

What is my most satisfying enjoyment?

In Motion On Gold, Home To Home

I didn’t care,
if no-one ever,
loved me at all,
on a mission,
creeping steadily,
more thorns show,
the amount of suffering,
the endurance of toughening,
the strengthening of sharpest,
the blooming on timing,
then again once acclimatized,
i grew unusually unorthodox,
i heard them voices pass by me,
i felt they hands trying to caress me,
and they eyes glancing at me,
while in my peripheral trying to peek me out,
then turning around acting as if,
and trying to channel the emotion up,
trying to get me to feel they position of whatever,
in motion on gold i didn’t care if no-one ever loved me at all.

I tell you this,
as my life on the lines,
this is indirect drama daily,
it’s the stress upon my leaves,
the sizzling takes away my dew,
sow i seep deeper into the grounds,
of anew thinking about chicken litter,
and them throwaway vegetable and fruit skins,
dayum i be needing that to my roots it ain’t fair so what’s up?
In motion on gold i didn’t care if no-one ever loved me at all.

Me lean green sing inside,
fore you i am about to bloom outside,
thinking about how many ways we can do us,
get your steamer out plucking petals from me head,
distilling and extracting oils from me gets you more vitamin c,
and to think about it put me leaves up under your nose to tickle sniffs,
sniffing tickling softly up under your lips over the top fonder in velvety,
groove making wander’s wonders twirl in hand fancy on toes dancing whoa now…
in motion on gold i didn’t care if no-one every loved me at all.

For my children’s power,
i settled myself down organized,
using every bit of time to be social,
not for a friendly benefit yet networking,
all business no play restless working for they say,
see when i leave this time around they’ll remember me,
as that man on your savior witnessed no-one never loved him,
after applying for secret service in a higher branch of purposes,
like before i passed pledging allegiance with the others few far and between,
we was taught to listen to people’s dreams regulate the hours keeping notes,
disguise at all cost kill off the last joys of earthly pleasures disconnecting imagined lost,
and sow i came to pass on a legend never before heard sitting beside you feeling honored,
respecting my worth protecting my turf perspective my curve perceptive my search,
in motion on gold rolling deeper in your life like clouds of theorems will to do what you couldn’t,
empowered by the subscript and exponential set this mission is first outside inside last guaranteed cyclic proven to outlast…
i’m on another level in my game giving it up to the kids by any means necessary let them hold the torches relaying in motion on gold.

You Bought Homes Souljah?? Tale Me Your Story

From the one,
to the two,
to the three,
i sung a lullaby,
ears wasn’t ringing,
intensely focused,
extremely determined,
sow the high grew bigger,
the sighs became deeper,
and i was clever about the life,
i was living rearranging definitions,
defined superior clique my game in,
got my controller plugged into the mind,
the possibilities are limitless,
scramble plays and skits,
playing hits looping classical tunes,
tuned-in into yours i felt your pain,
i got to come up in the name of propane,
on silently bombs rush miles overcrowding,
i seen the business as terrain,
the terrain got bricks and concrete,
my name is mysterious approaching pulled up,
i take the smiling to the heart,
looking around the current scenery,
putting the have-nots who be the kids,
always before me straight selfless,
honored to be your diplomat on your half,
this neighborhood suits you to fit and grow up in,
i pay your taxes for you to make sure,
none get taken remodeling to the excellency,
plant a garden, fruit trees, healing lives rooted,
study them to the maximum all in mind,
planning everything out room fore room,
year fore year in advance watching the stock market,
keeping abreast on the policies foreign from here to you,
know the gangs of all colors from streets to corporate too,
it’s a hue-man world so my mentality had to raise on up,
the mindset of mystical playing spiritual chess,
against my own evil if the demons appear on the outer,
let it be known it was the psychology of all doubters,
you bought homes Souljah??

From the one,
to the two,
to the three,
i sung a lullaby,
ears wasn’t ringing,
intensely focused,
extremely determined,
sow the high grew bigger,
the sighs became deeper,
every year i was working my hand,
out the dreams of those sleepers,
a walking fantasy never understood,
never seen to be imaginable,
walk past you on my mission unstoppable,
i took the pleasure out myself,
replaced it with an unknown loyalty,
to the brain my way of thinking,
never been the same cause of the situation,
at hand unsolved cases of promises,
the deficit of tremendous murderous drama,
the traumatic confusion of erotica,
people sicker than ever outwitting the left to be right,
both in the same hands palmed to they face feeling karma,
it’s automatic sown expressive unable to pierce through,
clear the windshield as sunshine gleams deja vus few,
the more i let go that wasn’t necessary,
the more power i was granted revealing justice to be happy,
i’m serving to the maximum,
let every kid i sponsor be the truth,
by my book it was written,
as that magician with an idea,
turn that idea into reality,
into reality they became sentenced,
no longer disadvantaged enabled uplifted,
i made sure i wasn’t famous,
i made sure i had no love,
for the fear of love turning on me like a heated chrome,
i knew the thin lines couldn’t be crossed,
i setup business as usual making sure they were greatness,
renters paid my kids pavement out on smoothly,
we were winning without no fear in my heart,
my heart was the empress keeping locomotion balanced,
strategically i waited patiently on that land with huge acres,
see i was thinking about they health and safety,
with twenty two cards in my hand,
and the Change of Four,
i blended in quite carefully,
a gentleman with a fresh clean pressed suit on,
never speaking to no-one in particular,
redirecting emotional inquiries from women of all sorts,
back to themselves in the form of staggering responses,
keeping all business full frontal exercising no eye contact,
to any of them unless it were to be about a home for my kids,
the world turned the flesh cold keeping my soul warmer,
the spirit was more livelier becoming realest an invisible,
laughing to myself making scores of instrumentals,
riding to my life faded as that stereotyped individual,
i was dead indeed to all of humanity always watching my back,
for that opportunity of sneaking peekers creating traps,
rerouting maps you saw me there he go now i sea them,
you a true to your mentality hitting me harder in flesh,
but how your fists feel to be breaking nothingness,
just as the same out the fog i came to defeat inequality,
smarter with more education becoming intelligently richer,
for my kids giving it all back over what you thought you saw…
now tale me your story.

The Writer 4 Your Cause: Mercury’s Way

See i keep my own feelings,
to myself buried somewhere else,
then again maybe in the hands,
of a real soul walking on the move,
hush yo lips then delete your memory,
of me ever speaking to us about loving,
they don’t like that down here on earth,
waters are trifling tides overwhelming,
earthquakes devastating splitting trees,
apart winds blow in more confusion blinded,
fires smokescreening backdrafts written as volcanic eruptions,
cut your ether off to get with the program,
masks on ready set go off safety buck buck dash,
hit the ground here i come buck buck dash,
hit the ground and we keep going until until,
they all gone is they mentality back to back comrade,
you know what time it is chiming quietly,
childhood memories comes back like no this is,
terrible after you grow up get sown up but this is it,
and that’s what they said….

See i keep my own feelings,
to myself buried somewhere else,
then again maybe in the hands,
of a real soul walking on the move,
hush yo lips then delete your memory,
of me ever speaking to us about loving,
they don’t like that down here on earth,
so keep writing for the groups who be,
colors split into sexualities to scholars,
they hue-mans are all the same,
coming from one dna yet all races divided,
genders need writers for they secrets,
emotions need outlets from out they psychology,
along with they philosophies as axiologies,
i got the paper plus the recorder so hold this,
press play when your insides is definitely open,
even the keys typing click click tap clack tip tap,
if you religious i got your back on everything,
write your whole mind out but i ain’t claiming none,
as a matter of fact i am just a communicator,
forget my biases see through me pure filter,
as you speak it that’s how it is coming out,
unless you say keep that secret then none coming out,
without a doubt the press controlling the masses’s mindset,
is no secret when you hooked in line sinker as the fish,
look what i caught up while the waters washed in…
another tale two tell from beginning to end,
you weigh up tremendous all for the fame,
i got kids to feed who be stranded while you honestly,
are the lame but don’t trip it was an emotion slipped out,
i felt that i felt that i felt that…dayum keep my mouth shut,
boost you up around i stay in camo you can’t see me,
i get those real hugs from the family and kids smile,
i tell them all the time after dapping and high fiving,
never tell anybody about who i really am,
and always keep watch on your dreams,
before crossing the roads look both ways,
and never hang out at night is when danger,
lurks as so in the daytime i was just like you,
people thought i wasn’t looking and paying attention,
i plays the dummy to get ahead let you think,
you controlling me feeling happy about your success,
working harder to outdo myself into an age at ninety plus,
fore my great great grandma and great grandma as they son,
with the spirit of my great grandpa working restless organically,
the writer 4 your cause active duty style however you want it,
me and you gon keep it dumping coming up for my family,
and best wishes for kids who really need to be like they were promised,
i got your back to the infinite house fore house,
ain’t worried about these riches can’t do nothing for me,
done experienced the high life, poor life, middle life,
i want to do me that favor of a higher purpose,
i am sticking to it floating from auction to auction,
hitting newspapers ears to the radio channels,
looking on the light poles to those signs on the curbs,
low prices only staying happy about the mysteries i’m pulling,
they will never figure it out about the why hows what where when,
just like them roses i was giving out for the love it sending poems on they way…
then it all adds up the writer 4 your cause was listening,
wrote you back exchange your life fore yours pay me thicker or thin,
i got mathematical ways to make everything compile stack up,
on top of my mountaintop i keep climbing once per season,
echoing out another fight won,
echoing out another battle defeated,
echoing out how the war is turning out peacefully,
then climbing back down aware of all my surrounding,
i seen that black panther below and said i am bad dapping me daps,
the eagle flew by dropping a feather into my hands squawking keep writing,
and i still see them ants marching as one of them walked upon me,
just to sit on my right shoulder and said i am proud you Souljah,
sow we marching way too intensified ain’t worried about these riches,
can’t do nothing for me me on another level in my game,
the writer 4 your cause without guiltiness or remorse,
all fore the kids of have-nots and my family my will is ironclad,
and that’s what eye said….

Active Duty: Me, Shadow and Grim Reaper

The Branch, 
of Pourahtree neutral, 
we knew, 
the Four Trunks, 
in season, 
the element coming, 
must be, 
done to fullest, 
the mission, 
write them all, 
happy wishes, 
to the depths, 
the last, 
touches of palms, 
on covers, 
get the rosehips, 
prepare night, 
with another plot, 
digging yours, 
rightfully without sweats, 
faithfully true, 
and eyes knew, 
no escapes, 
me two three, 
reserving tales, 
pages by pages, 
the truth, 
i buried you, 
deep inside, 
my heart posthumously, 
cemetery style, 
still active duty. 

The eulogies, 
we hand them, 
out serving, 
back in mine, 
shovel upright, 
stuck fearless remember, 
memory deadly, 
burying myself deeply, 
shadow watching, 
grim reaper teaching, 
doors open, 
suicidal style hearse, 
black chrome, 
gold hundred spokes, 
limited edition, 
sixties fresh smell, 
aromatic casket, 
we stepped out, 
one hundred, 
and forty four, 
marble tombstones, 
glistening poetical etchings, 
a tsk, 
a tasker laid, 
orders never, 
opened sealed away, 
under land, 
flashing back memory, 
burying without, 
remorse for my, 
secrets, paybacks, 
they want it, 
all cemetery, 
you see them, 
robbing me, 
shadow, grim reaper? 
Three deep, 
still rolling nonchalant, 
after doors, 
closed back letting, 
them dig, 
themselves deeper diggers, 
hitting block, 
fore blocks dipping, 
suspension smooth, 
gliding like we, 
should emotionless, 
coasting bumping plots, 
bowler on, 
tightly shades on, 
funeral director, 
fore cause written, 
i effect, 
active duty, 
me shadow grim, 
reaper writing, 
the eulogies empowered.