Best Friend…Did You Receive My Letters?

I know you have work to do,
i can imagine your work load,
the busy bee and yet happy to be,
how’s my honey sugar plum?
i love you forever,
cause you keep me warm,
give me a hug silly superwoman,
the double S on my chest,
i wear you proudly,
we the snuggle of all caress,
and i bet you tonight,
you will dream of all the goodness,
just don’t forget me by your bedside,
just put me in your pocketbook,
well better yet print me off,
take an empty envelope,
fold your love into the empty space,
seal us back then wait patiently,
for that day to drop your word off,
into the mailbox where communication,
is sent to lovers across the globe,
like a stork with messages,
our voice flies high echoing,
letter after letter together,
composed as sunny weather,
did you receive my letters?

The truth is i love you too,
i got your love letter unfolded,
you smell like my black angel,
the misses in my eyes wide viewing,
softly spoken sobering my last evil influence,
i felt triumphant to the touch,
i felt your presence after sow many years,
i still cry tears glassy eyes gloss all my hills,
fore you i got the will to survive,
you gave me power to remain electrified,
i wrote you this love poem,
to show us of how we feel,
never feel alone if you do,
then look into here my heart is yours,
inside the truth is i really do love you more.

I wanna run away from love,
but black angel please don’t say it,
if emotions were absolutely gone,
i would still be here with you,
no words or words spoken,
without pain there is no gain,
the experiences are real but no one to blame,
except the situation itself,
either you get over past tragedies
or remain stuck on self alone stealth,
then i cannot find you,
though if i’m the wind,
i will always feel us evermore,
the difference between a cheat,
and the truth is the perception handed chord,
sustain our growth reigning down from heaven,
from your full lips looking into your eyes,
i see seven,
i am eight,
together we are eleven locked safe,
don’t fight the feeling if we are together reasoned,
we work together as one unit,
step by step on our own sliding down the rainbow,
happily as kept silent from the clouds,
out like purple trumpets’s song bliss of blooming violets,
so please don’t run my black angel.

From our hearts beat rhythm recovery resuscitation,
back to back you my truth i be not the pretender,
nor your savior just real enough two ride reel into us,
grand picture opening relationship of love gem spinning on automatic,
reality feeling up or low i can be there with laughter or the seriousness,
quicker rush of courageous stamina neverending plus steady loving minus dull difference,
i’m in you reflecting shockingly similar composed heavenly beautiful,
of the sun shining brightly loving you is wonderfully true,
keep writing your letters of water when we under our moonlight,
i seen your love fore me wave deeper empathetically moved silent,
cause you knew in all ways faithfully i love you kind gentle and strong without doubting.

I pledge allegiance suckling your black love nurturing thee,
my lower consciousness higher as the total view keyed,
sensual desires with honey plus strawberries on tar buns’ two mounds ate delightfully,
i thank you fore paving more ways than any earthly roads made bound down,
energies around you keep me attracted still calm breathing nervously glad,
i try my best over better you and me on land masses is reality shining our weather,
from our might of strength empowered as new watching rise jump-up,
two finger walking slowly speeding along middle lines strutting tickles fizzle lungs,
trailing laughs unbuttoning our future fiery peaks touching cinders uplifted we grasp,
and i pledge allegiance massaging pains away while you clap two bliss knowing our loving will never cease and desist….

I felt your desire as sage burning,
the wisdom of being penetrated soulfully sounded churning thoroughly,
simmering whispers all around breezing around and around,
twisting we peek through warm mood channeling om beating hearts we pound,
our venue we peak two sought in deeper clueless about next enjoyed settling,
torn sizzled briskly aiding you and i entering rapture,
rupturing thunder here and after apt lofty cotton summers,
moving passionately playful melee entrapment precipitating perspire sweetly,
we was full on loneliness expelled as steam fully sailing we blast coasting in our everlasting bask,
tell me why must our love be like solar light powered phat,
blowing in my watts of belly button kisses giving yearning double back,
treasured completely exact gripping with my gentle hands while my strong arms up under your back?

Your body made cries,
i came up smiling clever,
when you turned over in your sleep,
i appeared like you knew i should standing fully risen,
shockingly true endeavored hard as ever,
the balls of steel with ah melodious tip arranged ambitiously muscular loving my boo wetter,
and i’m coming in deepest stroking degrees increasing pressure,
flipping switches hitting dips pinching teasingly gripped on your claps no pity slapping bounce with pats,
the mutual understanding of bass treble edging tremors trembling splash gong crackled phat backs,
clinching toes curling fingertips like claws sultry feeling sensually intimate outer mind inner bottom experience thumping,
holding up upright pleasure groins keep taking love in deeper moisture out your delta,
collected as mouth spoken words created reality eyes rotate backwards signaling senses heightens veins pop out concocted,
streaming more puddles into the nile across sheets silky satin with ease when we cuddling coming cream don’t you think?

Another day has arose,
and you fast asleep,
after thundering in your sauna,
my sexual healing duty as your need is completely honored,
kissed your eyes good flight gently feather light,
your eyelashes curled up longer out of eyesight,
holding onto my full lips flickering their edges of them of what you like,
i will repeat our loving when call on undeniably,
just keep on buzzing me out oozing,
between your sheets,
ping me touched i will love you up all angles plus down much,
our act of summoning love up together as salacious repetition,
and i’m coming in concentrated electrified like ravishment lightning,
as your midnight creep deep flowing thicker under-covers mildly slow-
inching inside kissing your beautiful feet keeps your anticipation of excitement shuffling.

While you sleeping in your rest my soul keeps writing as if fire hit my nervous system buses carry sol om on tripping not one circuit literally lyrical designed parable paragraphed into weather upcoming are clouds crowded around shaping visions of family members traveling bye though it is all good to be great sharing my mind boggling experience often confusing as ever the perception most clever or clever two face add another swing seated on the hard rubber going forward gripping onto life loving mine digging might out as my kite float me up by the string of wonder the great wanderer of the skies air walking on my steps ordered out the earth from below situations get deeper the roots of ether encapsulated packaged ribbon made presents gifted representing holding my testament uplifted…did you receive my letters written?

See out the heart comes the words of many comrades worldwide who taught me they culture sow we spent the nights and days together as one not caring one cent about a sexual endeavor many of my sistahs took me in without even knowing me from the lands of europe to the ones far away here in dc and i can’t forget about my little brothas to the big ones from the neighborhoods of the rural areas to the streets i will never be defeated without pride or arrogance i will excel my best friend and you will too. see my mind is over matters and could care less about the earth mastering myself to the point even my own people don’t know me or be forced to stay down with the same ole mentality of the misery who get even the odds against you so i breeze on bye giving mad props making my music through musekhet giving up all powers made unto me to the higher powers who gave it to me fluent jealousy comes in all ways plus envy research on how to take your pay though they know nobody or even themselves today will be a great day continuing in stealth focusing my energy inside the womb we call the mental plane and i gotta get paid regardless cause being a slave is no joke and being in the ghetto is a trap so i got a resolution that’s going to put my real people on the map if it’s the last i do may my wishes under the stars of old and brand new be granted brightly starring true did you receive my letters my people in the skies of hues?

No one knows our talks,
between me and you,
the world is a hoax,
worms crawl daily,
the virus is in every area,
battles flight,
bullets sigh,
competition runs,
another mutha cry,
in this world of times,
it is just you and i,
i feel lonely without,
my best friend,
you my best friend,
to the end,
and if there is no end,
then from the beginning,
remember me?
i loved you true,
in all ways loving us two,
we best friends.

Feeling good yesterday soul know,
we feel each other hanging one,
through dark and lonely nights,
days i spend growing up as us,
we best friends inseparable,
from our cradles to heaven’s seat,
we strive most without a penny,
until we get there i fuel us fire,
it is my duty to provide heat,
never let me down on two knees,
and i will carry you higher over defeat,
we live a brave life since we befriended,
never leave me alone cause you my,
only one of a kind true best friend,
we best friends.

Best friend,
how many people swear they know you?
how many people swear they own you?
every time i keep laughing too,
i write to other souls too feeling their poetry,
empowerment of aspiration by honoring inspiration,
so they lost in poetical literature’s glory,
but they can’t mind they own business,
oh baby for heaven’s sake,
best friend keep us closest when we sleeping,
and when we awake,
we best friends to the end.

Best friend,
you will see people’s fear woke up,
in these times of tides,
they revelation is on loop,
and they ain’t coming forth,
marching backwards to my beat,
the definition of many colors reverse march!
blind perception keeps leading those troops gone,
we best friends to the end,
the livest created duo crew.

Best friend,
they ain’t never played violins with us,
they ain’t never strum guitar acoustically,
they ain’t never snare kick drum splash tick tick high with me,
they ain’t never played they soul on my eighty eight keys,
been like rugby with us in our path always getting roughed up,
we come out tougher bruised up like apples falling off trees endlessly,
but we gon’ stay on top like the blackhawk watching our meal,
cause on my heart is no bustas allowed,
cause you never fail loving,
and that’s why they ain’t roll with us,
they ain’t never ever road with me,
best friend to the depths we completely free,
just you and i upon our rivers,
floating away reflecting destiny rippling like swan beautifully,
as the sunset comes blushing orange blue black green of sighs,
we best friends tracking out the loop together miles fore miles,
we in the winds best friend,
hold me tighter best friend,
i’m gon’ make sure you keep going best friend….

Best friend sex does not matter to me plus i don’t care about it let the world eat it up stranded in they stuck tucked uncut live dying to be live they do not define me i do not have that ego though i do explain well out the bottom is water in the pail i had to wind up manually refreshingly so good one day with a night of one chance just ah one on one dance with life as peace the freedom rings louder than bells from the old school country churches almost obsolete still standing on brick is just how i’m going down souljah which is a foundation of the roots sat-in older blessed to be younger in spirit the writ across my soul let my law of pane out the window slot remaining unframed busting through totally self-made sharper though before it was spots who had red dot plots on plenty of lots as the blue lights ran rapid faster for the hunt of they pay and swear my people looking down from the skies on the letters i wrote without thinking information comes to me intelligently without delay as a writer who muse caught up struggling to express my say i thank all and everything fore blessing me with ah potential good day.

Best friend i know you locked down in that cell just like my soul so we sing out the cages only difference between you and me is that you behind bars while i’m out trapped inside my own god similar destiny though when you get out you gotta go through the same skit picking up your scripts rehearse the lines i swear i thought i seen a black hurst on gold daytons rolling bye bye bumping the total shock it be funny sometimes cause the windows are darker than ever but behind the steering wheel is the mortician’s endeavor ambitiously willed to carry you along fore the ride of your life as the light ended don’t forget to keep strong locked down twenty three seven i feel your pain my brotha and i feel your emptiness my sistah though all of us one day will make it to our own heaven resting in peace breathless i received yall letters.

Copyright “Diary of a Black Man” 2014 by Nefertum Husia Shayheh