Centric Buying Power

The buying power is within the family model if true love is shown. Imagine gathering or reunion every weekend with about ten dollars from each member will you? Calmly that was said…see we look “outer” instead of “inner” for the buying power and funds. Each member of the family is equivalent to a cd or other type of banking account to include investment. You have several skillsets among members to include currency; this is why it is important to get to know your family members from root to top. You are your own credit union and church if you really look it at differently. See when you keep doing the same thing expecting different results then yields insanity. Why give a dollars at a club or anything that is not beneficial to your well-being and family as a whole? Well, look at the sign in the air with bright neon lights, captivating familiars, ole coin sayings on repeat which is one of the first steps of hypnotizing the sub-consciousness. Your desires becomes needs versus wants but this is on another chapter though so let’s get back. The buying power is within the family model first but we take family members as just unwanted weed in the grasses not knowing some of those so called “weeds” are actually great for herbal healing teas but by association and constant commercials going against the grain of regular spiritual thought process people left side of the brain is not function correctly so unable to received a great deal of information as data deciphered into the right side of the brain like an antenna to the universe which we can be looking at cosmology order of intelligence but here i go again so let me take it back once more…the buying power for land, homes, business is within the family model. Now let’s put math to this shall we? Okay.

Let’s take ten family members letting loose ten dollars per weekend each and every day of that weekend. Now, the weekend starts on Thursday and end on Sunday. 10 family members X 4 days or $40 (which is one weekend out the month representing $40) = $400 dollars. Most people or young beginners who do not need credit but it is assigned to us by SSN and Birth certificate anyway that can be denied but they strongly recommend anyway…starts off with this amount on a credit card or cd or any type of investment for that matter as it varies. Take that same sum of $400 X 1 month or 4 weeks (supposedly) = $1600 dollars or whatever currency available. Now, let’s put that to use for a quarter of a year shall we? Okay. Now i’m cutting waste on the weekend if you haven’t figured it out yet and cause most females spending the Black sector is known to be outrageous and not an attack on her personally but as a real best friend just “pay attention” the real meaning of it. A quarter could be 3 months for now…$1600 dollars or whatever currency X 3 months = $4800; note all of this is savings checking your members investing in your buying power expecting a growth spurt from the gates and it may bell curve depending on how many family members participate in the perception of the buying power. See if you really serious about wealth minus the outer dependency of banks, loan sharks, credit unions then check your safe from within called the family reunion aka credit union. See how they put a twist on everything and make it seem brand new…but you gotta use your brain and wield true love between your members of the tree. Now, let us take $4800 X one year = $19,200 of just 10 members committed to giving up ten dollars per day of a 4day weekend instead of doing wasteful things and luxuries are not first unless you flauging upfront and flossing backwards. I rather ball wealthy with a gain of family members than alone but then again this is reality versus hesitation and just not doing it cause of trust issues which ultimately leads to no love. The family model has to be strong in order for something like this to break out as freedom. I been reading the same books and differently then hit the skies deeper and found myself deeper into myself thanking the above sow below harvest is reaped quicker and consistently justly. Where is the buying power? Stop following they methods and take a look at your own scope creep–family reunion.

Final example: Take $19,200 (which were ten people at it) X 2 (which is twenty people as it doubles) = $38,400 in one year. Okay let’s go with $19,200 X 3 = $57,600 so just imagine what you can do with a Non-profit private organization or just a safe with family or just yall own banking institution. Thank about how many family reunions turn out as entertainment instead of forward thinking. Think about it. Now think about the outer world influencing your mentality since birth…they been investing into your education for them subtly loving it…just loving it cause you know why?? They got you as they buying power by studying your brain with different triggers trigonometrically clever and geometrically endeavored plus scientifically creating a feasible vacuum that sum escape it and they put in laws of science called politics to stop or slow the escape process knowing the eyes are the gateway to your brain who burn images repeatedly with of course a certain “pitch” or “note” of voice with the appropriate colors and a smile of customer service they in business on orbit not worrying about a darn thing except for the marketing which is really a geometric function. Don’t worry about the knowledge head on just research or forget it. Either way the buying power is going to continue….

“I use Six Sigma approaches and just the incoming trafficking of messages of intelligence.”

Marketing is geometric in my studies cause you get a grand opportunity to hit the negative sector, positive sector, negative posi sector, posi negative and so on depending on the mindsets and triggers. Example, people like movies then some like games then some love the internet then some indulge in condoms then some like candy but different candies could be anything from a hue-man being to sugars to websites to paintings to songs to anything a creation is grown and out the growth comes another creation which is right on point considering nature like a tree once again. A branch grows and so does leafs so the leaves are the time of ending maturity which is a business growth of the ending cycle from the beginning is the early stage just like in comparison to your baby, really life and death cycle but what keeps death coming back? Life and life keeps producing death. Marketing is a beast if you know the brain functions and nervous system of how to “target your audience” just like on the streets is all the same game but just reflipped remixed rescratched recame redone rebumped rehunged rewhatever….

Reason why Buying Power is greater within the family model? You get to reach out to more family to invest inexpensively therefore creating a plan where years can pass by and you will never need any money ever again because you all of you got into the game called monopoly. Now the government is me and you so nobody is different but then again all races have racists considered under mental segregation across the whole of all hue-man beings due to not understanding that this as reality is all a story book told though you have a chance to rewrite. Now, for a fact clear planning with the right initiative of advancing for your family is always the most righteous one. Reason being is you take less pressure off of your future generations therefore allowing them to moneyless if you paid taxes to all fees under written law by men and women like me and yourself then by me and yourself we can own a piece of not their story but your own without governmental intentions of strike harm or underhanded schemes. You are simply doing what is needed and will be in ahead of time and that is come together as a family model or tribe so to speak or however the synonym hits the ears to ring right for their understanding. The power is in yours hand to feed yourself as you all know in the past nobody else cannot feed you but yourself unless you are a baby. If you are a baby then you deserve to be feed. I don’t need what they got and have been all in their share of pastimes so the government is nothing but a body of people just like you and I and probably somebody cousin, mother, uncle, dad, pops, further down the lines or just friends or somebody sitting on the bus or somebody you gave a ride for or just your local school teacher it’s all the same. But if a woman falls due to her own ignorance then of course others must be the same just as others must be the same like I. It’s all reasoned. Same for the dudes and these are just, well, just one I believe of solutions I am applying to my own fam and a share-with altitude with yours. Think about a public work front and of course privatization. Eating off your own land can’t be greedy nor gluttony if everybody has a piece of the pie due back to them. Survival. Be who is or are wiser and smartest gets the news quicker cause materials doesn’t make the feeling of serenity, it is the absolute peace and earthly freedom deserved. Be smart and wise, get a portfolio together probably consisting of cash crops so you can do your own fashion, natural beauty products, and other crops just for eating and just whatever fills your land with the correct dividends so you never fall off wealthy cause i rather be wealthy over rich anyday. If I got land…i’m wealthy cause money is real paper and from the tree that mean, and you probably climbed or hug or leaned up against…and not that then something natural made into an icon of dire hope and greater need than life itself is definitely one way to go family model cause it’s not the paper that does evil to the root, nope, it’s the lower intelligent who are also not that wise and do not care nor do not feel or those who will not think and other facets which is really all the same projected perceptively but words and colors metaphysically dimensional gets to hue-mans the most as I believe we are the only able to read, which means we also got the same power to write. Peace.

Copyright “Diary of a Black Man” 2014 by Nefertum Husia Shayheh


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