Change of Four

All literary arts from Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius personalities are welcomed. No harm intended to the others but the universal dealings with these four for a reason. Love all as nothing is personal but business this time. The goal is input poems from yourself here then every week we put out a book via amazon, goodreads, googleplay, lulu or any other platform. This prevents people from saying and thinking they will not get paid as there are options to every author, illustrator and alike to see for themselves as co-authors and get directly paid to your account and not mine. Check the guidelines of these companies along with copyright laws for yourself and we outer mind dipping! Let’s get paid together–Nefertum Husia Shayheh

This will be looked at as slow investment with high potential of readers returning monies worldwide on investment of our literary arts deposited. All languages are welcome and please translate to others and keep others aware too! Later I will make a website called “Change of Four” or (as you noticed it is available and i’m working on it seriously.)

I specialize in arts, information technology, six sigma green and lean, human resource, comptia network certified, and more. Peace. Does not matter as i do not discriminate though discern so feel yourself of how you feeling and get with me. This is not a hobby hint the community name. Be perceptive and let’s forward as the power is in and of numbers. Oh and if you got photography and the like then let’s kick it!! Remember your patent and let’s fill the libraries up worldwide from homes to schools to computer like devices with freedom of expression naturally. Peace.