Intuitive Cooking for Savory and Wholesum Times

Chicken (any parts to whole adjust settings)
Rosemary (fresh or dried)
Sea salt
Black Pepper
Red Pepper
Garlic cloves
(Flour for fried but add ingredients for color enhancement and taste too!)
(Naked chicken calls for cast iron skillet or grill depending on your mood!!)
Cast iron skillet large, grill or baked (cast iron can do it all)
Old Bay Seasoning for the little touch in the flour
Olive Oil, use corn oil for the frying with flour or just palm oil
Knives or meat cleaver


Feel your soul to mix together the seasonings to include garlic cloves and olive oil in a bowl. Save some chopped cloves to be inserted inside the larger parts of the chicken like thighs and breast. Make sure to chop breasts in halves or island style. Make several cuts deeply and no shallow as you want the garlic and rosemary to seep into the chicken making real loving overnight! Drink a glass of room temperature water cause doing chicken dehydrates you from all the finger licking good good moments. Geah. Cover the bowl or big massive tray of chicken parts for approximately 24 hours sealed. Think about exercising to really get your brain going or just exercise to get that real hunger feeling next day!!

Prepare cast iron skillet about medium to medium high heat depending on your kitchen temperature and stove power. If out on the grill then just watch your meat. If in the oven prepare temperature around 325 degrees once again depending on your surrounding kitchen temperature. (temperature is important especially for baking cakes, pies and quiches etc.) You wanna get that golden caramel brown look finished but of course check your chicken with a thermometer or just the ole fashion with intuition and watching the juices turn clear. For falling off the bone meat oven-wise reduce heat to 300 degrees with longer cooking time. Drain chicken on brown paper towels, newspaper, or white paper towels and even bread!! Yes bread! And those bread can be used for crumbs on another cooking recipe if stored correctly. Yup. Whole batch should take about whenever you finish the last piece so it would be best to just break out your pen and pad or just type your poetry or maybe make a song. Do what you feel from the soul. Add a side of fruit with some yogurt for dessert or a fresh fruit smoothie. Call yo ninjaz up males to females and satisfy they hunger with toothpicks provided and tall glass of water then again if you got some homebrew wine just make sure to break out the table for spades, poker, bones or twister with clean feet please and oiled joints. Peace.

4 cans of Salmon (canned or fresh but preferred)
White rice cooked
Mediterranean Basil leaves
Sea Salt
Red Pepper
Mustard (bottled or mustard seed)
Black Pepper
One to two eggs (varies by amount mixture) substitute is flax seed
White Onion (finely chopped)
Chives (finely chopped)
Old Bay Seasoning
Garlic powder or a half of clove (finely chopped)
Sweet corn by the ears (depending on the people)
Regular grits or cream of wheat (depending on the people)
Olive oil for corn, Vegetable oil for salmon but of course substitute with palm oil
Cast iron skillet (large)
Cast iron pot or regular pot large one
Medium size pot for grits or cream of wheat


Cook white rice in black pepper and sea salt with olive oil, strain after done tender not mushy. Let rice settle to cool then add to salmon. Feel your soul add as much meat to rice plus when adding in seasons and other veggies please keep in mind the sour to sweet levels etc; you wanna taste the salmon and not the extreme seasoning. Treat your grits and/or cream of wheat with light seasoning and watch thickness. When boiling corn keep it crisp with a softness (for extra soft let set on low for extra 10-20 minutes) Should be prepared for about 16 people. Cooked salmon patties golden brown to caramel brown (warning rice will pop out the pan). Serve with fresh fruit juice or a side of fruit. Enjoy.

Ingredients of Break-Fast fore Two:

1 Papaya
1 Pineapple
2 Apples
40 Strawberries
2 Peaches
Cutting utensils
Save the seeds
Forget the napkins just lick each other
Look into each other eyes, then exchange pieces of life from two bowls into each other mouths in silence with smiles only moaning with enjoyment until the soul fills up. Top it off with honey if you dare!

Alternative Ingredients of Break-Fast fore Two:

8 Fresh figs
2 Bunches of Black Grapes (dark purple)
1 Grapefruit
50 black cherries
2 Mangoes
Cutting utensils
Save the seeds
Forget the napkins just lick each other

Look into each other eyes, then exchange pieces of life from two bowls into each other mouths in silence with smiles only moaning with enjoyment until the soul fills up. Top the Grapefruit off with honey if you dare!

4 Day Weekend Getaway


Two Souls
A Hideaway
4 Super Natural Watermelons with black seeds
Gang of Fresh Peaches
Gang of Purple to Black Grapes with seeds
Gang of Strawberries
Bunch of Purple Bullets
Lavendar Oil and Peach Kernel Oil
Keep all seeds and pits
Rub and massage sore areas
Fall asleep fulfilled in place
The end

Don’t Forget Raw Veggies (next trip)!!!

Copyright “Diary of a Black Man” 2014 by Nefertum Husia Shayheh


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