At Night

Fore real,
life is appealing,
the flashes,
lights brighten,
the feeling,
it is realer,
who peeled out,
who mashed out,
who dashed out,
who walking,
who talking,
who holding,
who sold out,
who got in,
who broke up,
who done it,
at night.



On me,

me and you,

in the snow,

my feet,

show my prints,

sitting on log,

below surviving temperature,

i am here dear,

my will is hearth,

spirited fiery,


three sixty,

per degree,

beating harder,

the hearts are calling,

stampede of realest,

searing perspiration,

bare and stark,

raw and unprotected,

stood up professing,

echoing known,

i am glow!


In the air,

live and uncut,

naturally designed,

darkest flight,

cloak of gaseous embers,

i saw you creep,

and the owl know us deep,

thought of movement,



safety approaches,

no water please,

blow in your breath,

increase me,

tale a story,

write a folk,

be a myth,

setup attention,

span emotions,

gathered common,

all inn,

do not touch,

slowly naked,

under protection,

cove happily,

sleep in luminosity.


How did you,

get into my bathroom?

On the brown papertowel roll,

though at first you fell,

from the lights,

above the sink mirror,

and later i found you…

must be my lucky day,

must be my lucky week,

must be my lucky month,

must be my lucky year,

you have ancestors too,

how great you are,

shift onto my soft finger,

colorblind you are,

now we going outside,

where the sun is shining bright,

though cold you warmed my inner,

oh you do not want to leave me,

well here…a little roll now,

let your legs feel the brick’s edge,

in the sunlight shine brightly,

my ladybug.

I hate the black woman

I am glad you hate me,

i am satisfied that you think less of me,

i am glad you lust dick and money for the fame,

i am glad you keep the children as themselves blamed,

i am glad you can’t teach african culture to the kids,

i am glad you give them up for the drugs and alcohol,

i am glad you hopeless and expect us,

to take on your burdens while you climb endlessly,

while you look back not and no hand out for helping,

after we take the bullshit on the shoulders,

so fuck your bullshit completely and fall endlessly,

and helplessly by yourself watching you destroy yourself,

righ…you right…righ…oh you right…righ…keep falling…righ and we watching,

true that…yeah we watching…keep going…righ…keep falling no doubt…

black female nigger of deceptive feminism,

i am glad you are unaccounted for,

i am glad you don’t give a fuck,

i am so glad you are alone,

i am so glad you depress real ninjaz,

i am so glad you are you which is…

the unmistakingly ugliest female to be birth,

as the rudest and most unrespectful,

the most confused stupid lowest of all intelligence,

no brain straight cold-hearted witch stanking ass,

black nigger enslaved maid prostitute janitor of cum,

taking nuts to the face sucking dick and pussy like eats,

certified glorified hoe in hip hop as the white man’s bitch,

turned out from the white woman’s depressive ways following her,

and everything else on this planet as an addictive personality,

disfigured and illusion to the real so ride on chrome with fake hair,

pressed up creativity known as nothing…

keeping riding to dis for life and the continuum,

let all your children hear like on the radio stations,

cause tonight and tomorrow foe show you gonna die,

as the symbol of my hatred fore life and death,

i hate the black female completely and absolutely eternally,

fight me or pull out your strap but you will not win,

i promise your life on it and the internet will not save you,

so fuck your hatred as power control thinking you smarter,

outwitting on me and any other who sincerely doing what we do,

moving people out to freedom on the low…

but you can’t stand that cause you want the glory of selfishness,

all for yourselves as money, sex, drugs and power,

so where is your religion now?

Oh i forgot in your soul of death,

and may you rest in piss,

black bitch,

fuck you,

you turned on the wrong brother this time….

I hate the black woman

I remember when you tried me,

had me lost in your sick rapture,

talking about me in the workplace,

while stationed in virgina you redbone bitch,

corrupting to endangering my job and mental state,

telling everybody indirectly how i fiend you,

sending emails to me on the low,

reversing shit making me look like a joke,

just to come back and ask me to hold in there,

hold in where bitch??

your crazy and insanity??

bitch you tripping,

you think you got power by the hours,

but i got more hours for a lifetime,

cutting down all you bitches,

can’t take the unrealness no more,

you got no culture,

you a female nigger on the real,

or maybe a gold digging hoe,

or maybe a sex paid prostitute on the low,

i know what you don’t,

the virus is here cause you made me this way,

so fuck you and you and you,

running through your systems of oppression,

just like the white man and woman,

i use to be against,

until found out it was you,

while defending you,

you was stabbing me in the back,

sharpest pains ever,

in every way of go,

i couldn’t falling to the ground like why?

and you told me “not you my nigger…”

so please believe i will buck back,

at all cost losing my soul,

fuck my emotions royally,

my mind state is night,

the clouds is thick and heavy,

filled with tremendous hurt and anger,

you the emotional rapist,

chess wannabe gangbanger,

so who shot ya?

the black woman,

and i hate her to the max,

all you bitches,

go blow on yourself,

lick yourself to death,

or blow on a mad dick,

my natural born foe,

this goes out to any foe,

any bitch and every way hoe,

cause i wanna know…

if you hate me then let’s go,

and let’s ride head on,

cause i hate you too,

please believe it.

I hate the black woman

I remember when you left me stranded,

after that your man tried to kill me,

after in california you had me setup,

after in south carolina you stalked me,

after in north carolina i had that career on lock,

you fucked me out of it,

i remember…

i remember when you told those lies,

on that websites cutting me off from speaking,

just as before and ever in a day,

you ignore the facts and perceive what you want,

you a crab in the bucket,

but you fucking with the wrong glock,

i got love for these bullets traveling,

put all names of those black women who going to die on it…

for putting my life in danger,

took my money under brainwashing,

oh you need me and i believed you,

took my credit after that power of attorney,

my own momma after i pledged allegiance,

to my great grandmother to protect her from the abuse,

knowing my life was on the line,

and still is….

so on the real fuck every black woman,

they use people and think they be clique up,

using feminism and twisted ideas two flow,

as lesbians together destroying everything in sight,

but i got two feet like roots,

the tree you cannot understand,

and i got 16 reasons why you dying tonight,

and tomorrow….

fuck your grievance and sorrow,

i just do not give a fuck,

fuck your pride,

and you can see it my eyes,

when you die….