Book of Unknown: Tri Ba Model (preview)

Mother-Father-Child are all aspects of the soul and equally divine; cause-effect. I use geometry to put my ideals in perspective. We all know the child is capable of producing a mother and father futuristically speaking. In modern times, the father is the key to helping mother produce child or offspring or however the wording fits your synonymous ways. In ancient etheric times, the mother was able to birth without the father, which serves as the key to life birth today. Why the so drastic change from way back then to now? Do you own research seriously, cause you will not believe me anyway or just try it for yourself.

The reason why the tri ba cannot be broken up is basically simple–destruction of the soul or aspects of the soul as one. Each angle gives off energy but hold up for a second here…let’s start from point to point. Female and Male are two points in time and space correlated. They spiritually ping each other not knowing…when they come together it is the effect called “love at first sight”. This effect is dazzling, entertaining, mind-boggling, a heighten sense of awareness of creating a bond, well the bond has already been created by well known khemystictree. Yes, this is the inner known from within the opposite genders possessing the same roots destined whether for a period of time soulfully; some like to organize this time as “limited” by earthly standards. Though the two individuals have common roots from the same tree of life, still comes their faults within the spirituality they each possess. There are many earthly factors that determines their spirituality in modern day times due to lack of intelligence, or able to use their other five senses which are the extension of the bodily five senses. Do your research. The connection the couple have is a tele-connection, then again some may even feel it to be called intuition. So you got different ways of connecting to include your destiny was already written some say. So if the couple destiny was already written, then of course the couple has the power to rewrite it…will. Will plus wisdom and knowledge is a great source of power hue-man beings have abundantly at disposal for whatever purpose they chose base on the decisions. Once a person starts to develop a sense of patterned choices and decisions he or she has set a foundation solid called an institution. Each one constructs a pillar of thought he or she believes in giving the pillar(s) energy to be stored so when called upon then can feed on it. I call these pillars points or axioms. So you have two points or axioms as the male and female, now what they must do is figure out how their skills match up according to their gifts and talents. This is called the conversation of the heart and mind to get on the same level of intelligence to keep miscommunication from above so below minimum or none, also, from point to point from disconnecting; their class is in session as they are learning non-stop fused into each other with emotion first. Emotion is not a mental process but more of a feeling, though partners with intuition in my studies, and yet more emotion is more earthly consistent within hormones that are linked to intuition if I may suggest considering the nervous and brain stimuli spiritually connected to be created from the creativity of the left side of the brain deciphered into a thought form sensored out the eyes projected, to include hearing, smelling, touching, tasting all combines to make a certain thought form into life as we all know it. Yet we learn from each other like the ants of what you see and see if you all seen or saw the same thing from birth then all is programmed to what you “thought” you seen from repeated images and talks stored within memory. Your body is the same as man-made information technology made in today’s times…just compare yourself. Getting back on track to the Tri Ba Model. In order for the Tri Ba, which the equal triangle represents as it’s symbol, to be complete mother must deliver the next point–child. If not then based on the negativity and positivity being handled by the couple will determine their relationship fate or destiny as it was birth from the unknown into the known. If bonded with sexual intercourse perceptively thought of and not just physical then each of the couple will share their soulful journey with each other for a lifetime through memories of desires, wants, needs, emotions and since images of the couple has been established then the connection from point A to point B will get pinged if desire is strong enough spiritually and then the couple will get a moment in time and space called “i was just thinking about you” or the likes. This is not an error it is pure spirituality at its best using the tele-connection of give and receive. Next.

Copyright “Diary of a Black Man: Tri Ba Model and Geometry” 2014 by Nefertum Husia Shayheh